Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is involved in an eye test?
  • Will I have any problems driving after an eye test?
  • Does Medicare or my Private Health Insurance cover my eye test?
  • How long will my glasses take to be made?
  • Why should I wear contact lenses?


What is involved an eye test?

You will be asked questions regarding your lifestyle, vision needs, previous eye health history, general health and family history of eye conditions.

Our optical assistant will undertake a number of preliminary procedures including, eye pressure, automated prescription reading and retinal imaging. 

Our Optometrist will then conduct a comprehensive examination of the health of your eyes and your visual system. The entire examination will take approximately 40 minutes.

At times additional testing is required, we will advise you when this is necessary.


Will I have any problems driving after an eye test?

Following a routine eye examination you will have no difficulties driving.

However in some cases, your may require drops to dilate your pupils in order to provide your optometrist with a better view into your eyes. Dilation drops are a necessary component of the annual Diabetic examination.  

 Some patients experience glare sensitivity and blurred vision, driving is not recommended for 2 hours after the drops. 

We recommend you bring sunglasses to your appointment to assist with the glare sensitivity


Does Medicare or my Private Health Insurance cover my eye test?

Medicare does cover some components of your eye examination.  We bulk bill where possible, however as Medicare no longer covers the entire comprehensive eye exam a co-payment is required

If additional examinations are required e.g. OCT scanning your optometrist will advise you of the cost involved.

Your Private Health extras can be used to claim towards the cost of your lenses, frames and contact lenses. Inquire with your health insurer to determine the amount you can claim.  Private health funds do not currently contribute to the cost of the eye examination. 


How long will my glasses take to be made?

Your glasses will be ready for collection in approximately 8 working days

Why should I wear contact lenses?

  • Contact lenses free you from the constant awareness of glasses
  • Contact lenses can boost confidence and self-esteem especially in children
  • Contact lenses create a more natural vision compared to glasses
  • Contact lenses match everything you wear
  • Fashion sunglasses can be worn over contact lenses
  • Contact lenses provide the freedom to play sport and are convenient for outdoor adventures
  • Contact lenses give better side vision for people with high prescription and astigmatism
  • Contact lenses don’t give the reflection of glasses in photos
  • With a wide range of contact lens materials, fittings and types, your chance of success with contact lenses has never been better!