Contact Lenses

Enjoy the freedom of contact lenses

Contact lenses at Eyre Eye Centre

Contact lenses are a versatile alternative or addition to wearing glasses; the chances are if you wear glasses you can wear contact lenses too.

Contact lenses allow a more natural vision compared to glasses; they free you from the constant awareness of glasses and provide you with a wider field of vision.

New technology means contact lenses are clearer, more comfortable and more convenient than ever. The lenses are made from materials that are extremely comfortable and safe. 


Eye Health

We will assess the health and wellbeing of your eyes to ensure your contact lenses will suit your prescription and lifestyle.

Daily Disposable contact lenses are simply worn during waking hours and thrown out at night before bed and replaced in the morning with “fresh” new lenses.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Monthly contact lenses are designed to be worn for up to one month, and are removed and cleaned nightly for re-use the next day.

Multifocal contact lenses provide people in their 40s and over to see clearly and comfortably at all distances without having to wear glasses

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism are designed to correct astigmatism and assist in correcting an irregular shaped cornea.

Customised Lenses are tailored to suit your specific visual needs

Ortho K corrects your vision while you sleep 

Coloured contact lenses at Eyre Eye Centre


Coloured contact lenses both prescription and non prescription contact lenses are available to change the colour of your eyes.  Why not be adventurous and change the colour of your eyes for your graduation, or next special occasion in your life?


Where do I go from here?

It is a simple process; we will make an appointment for a comprehensive eye health examination.  Remember to advise us that you are interested in wearing contact lenses so we can allocate time for discussion and appropriate measurements.

There is a standard cost for the contact Lens fitting, which covers insertion, removal and hygiene procedures.  It also includes all trial contact lenses, trial solutions and follow-up aftercare appointments. This fee is not usually rebated by Medicare or private health cover.