Contact Lenses


Chances are if you can wear glasses, you can wear contact lenses too. At Eyre Eye Centre, we have a wide range of contact lens brands available to provide an option for just about everyone.

Whether you are longsighted or short-sighted, you require multi-focal correction, or are astigmatic; you too can experience the freedom of contact lenses.

While contact lenses have obvious advantages for sports people and those with active lifestyles, many people prefer contact lenses over glasses for cosmetic reasons: 

  • tinted contact lenses to change your eye colour;
  • for those special occasions when spectacles aren’t desirable; or
  • for the freedom to choose any sunglass style or shape that you wish.  

For around the same price as a cup of coffee per day, you could be wearing contact lenses


Contact Lenses from Eyre Eye Centre Optometrist
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